MARLLIN® : magnetic stirrers for food industry, pharmaceuticals, perfumery and more

Syntheticizing an experience and a know-how of more than 20 years in the power transmission by magnetic drive, Marllin's magnetic stirrers are products of high quality, may they be custom-made or standard. They are the perfect result of the skills of a team that is in constant search to offer the best of this technology.

Historically attached to the "made in France", Marllin prepares and assembles with high precision all the components of its magnetic stirrers in its workshops in France, pledge of their traceability and a great reliability throughout their use.

The perfect knowledge of the expectations and requirements of the various sectors of fine chemicals (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic or biotechnological industries) combined with a support service that goes from the upstream advice to the maintenance training, ensure you all the guarantees in the implementation and the durability of your applications.

How can you reduce energy consumption with a mobile optimised for industrial mixers?

MARLLIN supports its customers in their drive to reduce energy consumption by designing and manufacturing innovative mobile equipment, in particular the brand new DisGaz turbine model, which reduces energy consumption by around 30%.

MARLLIN joins the French Fab

MARLLIN is proud to join the community of French manufacturers in motion.

MARLLIN takes care of your energy costs

Development of a new Low Energy Consumption range

Magnetic tank bottom agitators are industrial equipment that can develop, depending on the model, a rotation speed of up to 4200 rpm. This adjustable speed allows the stirring of many types of components to achieve, among other things, homogenisation, heat transfer, dissolution or mixing of miscible liquids. Magnetic tank top agitators are particularly used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics and perfumery, food processing and fine chemistry.


Commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and perfumery, biotechnology and fine chemistry sectors, magnetic tank top agitators are used, for example, to suspend, emulsify, dilute and mix immiscible liquids. The freed tank bottoms can be used for the installation of other equipment. Some models can handle a volume of up to 20 m3. They can have a protection index (IP) resistant to water and dust and allowing their use in sensitive areas including ATEX zones.


The wide range of Marllin® propellers allows for low to very high shear adapted to each need in the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and perfumery, and biotechnology industries. Among our range of propellers, the AX4 propellers are also often used in the food industry on production lines for the liquid/fibrous solid mixing of preparations. They are also used for liquid/liquid dispersion, liquid/solid dispersion and suspension.


The range of Marllin® turbines is designed to meet the specific requirements of the cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology and fine chemicals industries, such as high centrifugal effect, high peripheral speed or high hydraulic lift. They are particularly suitable for solid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion, gas absorption and disintegration. Depending on the model, the turbines are equipped with two to six blades. The blades can be straight, inclined, flat and toothed disc (dispersion) or toothed vane (gas dispersion).


The main function of the anchors of a magnetic stirrer, arranged at the tank periphery, is heat transfer and homogenisation for high viscosity products. Our range has five models of anchors covering both types of flow (tangential and tangential/axial). The anchor can be flat, inclined, tubular, helical or with scrapers. The anchors are mainly used in the field of biotechnology, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and cosmetics and perfumery.