Bottom magnetic stirrers by MARLLIN®

Homogenizer stirrer
Magnetic stirrer AGM-FC for tank bottom homogenization
Magnetic dispenser stirrer for perfumery
Disperser magnetic stirrer AGM-FCR for tank bottom
Magnetic stirrer for emulsion
Emulsifier magnetic stirrer AGM-FCRS for tank bottom
Fermenter stirrer for pharmaceutics and biotechnology
Fermenter magnetic stirrer AGM-FCF
AGITEC offers vessel roof and magnetic bottom stirrers
Mechanical tank top stirrers AGITEC® designer and builder

Magnetic stirrers: homogenizers

In 1996, we created the AGM-FC series dedicated to homogenization, inaugurating the development and future evolution of what has now become the full range of Marllin magnetic drive devices.

Magnetic stirrers: dispersers

Complementing the series of homogenizing stirrers, the range of AGM-FCR dispersing magnetic stirrers has been specifically designed to enable powder dispersion, alone or in combination with AGM-FC series stirrers, to expand mixing possibilities.

Magnetic stirrers: emulsifiers

The emulsifier magnetic stirrers of product range AGM-FCRS, of rotor / stator type, often associated with AGM-FC homogenizer magnetic stirrers, is suitable for applications requiring fine emulsions while offering a wide variety of mixtures.

Magnetic stirrers: fermentErs

The fermenter magnetic stirrers of the AGM-FCF range enable operation at variable liquid levels thanks to their cantilevered shaft, a technology that provides guidance at the bottom of the tank only.