Homogeniser magnetic stirrer

Magnetic vessel bottom stirrer type AGM-FC
Historically, the AGM-FC is the precursor series for all of the brand’s magnetic drive equipment. 

Created in 1996, it has constantly evolved since first taken to market thanks to pertinent feedback from user customers and technological upgrades made year after year by our research and development engineers.

AGM-FCs  are principally used for the implementation of storage processes, maintained homogeneity, homogenisation, heat transfer and powder dissolution. 

Guidance, at the core of the mixing process, is handled by smooth bearings that can operate dry, depending on the option selected (
AGI-Carb/AGI-Carb standard or AGI-Carb/AGI-Zir for dry operation). 

They can be combined with other stirrers for complex mixing processes calling for a second piece of equipment to handle dispersion or emulsion, in addition to the functions previously indicated (see  

This range complies with all current pharmaceutical standards. 

Product used in the following markets:

Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Mixing immiscible liquids

Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension



Solid/liquid dispersion

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Gas/liquid dispersion