Magnetic stirring for dilution

The process by which the concentration level of a solid or liquid body is reduced by adding a solvent is called dilution. The compound to be diluted must be soluble. It is also possible to obtain a dilution by removing part of the initial solution and to preserve its volume by adding a solvent.

Unlike dissolution, dilution retains the same quantity and quality of initial material in the solution and is characterised by its percentage dilution.

Dilution can take place after a dissolution process.

What equipment is used to dilute solutions in the industrial sector?

It is possible to use a tank bottom magnetic stirrer, such as the MARLLIN AGM-FC model, equipped with a propeller or turbine.

The agitator consists of a magnet set in rotation by a variable speed motor allowing the mixing of all types of powders in order to obtain their dispersion according to the indicated set point.

The design of the MARLLIN 3PC turbine, thanks to its curved blades, allows a diluted mixing effect to be maintained until the magnetic agitator is emptied.

Which products require dilution for manufacturing?

Many industries use a process to dilute a soluble base.
Thus, in perfumery, part of the oils contained in a perfume are diluted according to the desired concentration level.

The mixer (magnetic stirrer) used will be chosen according to its stirring capacity while taking into account the temperature levels specific to the conservation over time of the particles composing the perfumes.

Equipments adapted for the application: Dilution :


Stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
AX1: profiled propeller with thin blades, homogenization, and other functions
Stirrer propeller important shearing effect
AX3 profiled propeller for magnetic stirrer, high shear rate


Turbine stirrer with curved blades
3PC Turbine with curved blades for stirrer, high centrifugal effect
Turbine stirrer with blades inclined at 45 °
45° tilted blade impellers - radial centrifugal and axial vertical effect