Propellers for MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers

All dedicated to heat exchange, maintaining and putting into supension, to simple mixtures or foaming products, Marllin propellers for stirrers each have their own specificities by offering variable shear rates depending on the model.

- The profiled propeller with thin blades AX1: with a low shear rate but with the highest head, it is particularly suitable for homogenization and suspension at reduced speed.
- The profiled propeller with thin blades AX2: close to the AX1 model but with a higher shear rate, its use is more oriented towards dissolution operations.
- The profiled propeller at high peripheral speed AX3: its powerful shear rate, especially in maximum speed, allows it to ensure complex dispersions and dissolutions in very foaming products.
- The profiled propeller for fibrous liquids AX4: its shape is specially designed to centrifugally project fibers, with a high shearing effect in maximum speed.
- The profiled marine propeller with molded blades: implementing a delicate shear, it was specifically designed for living products or very sensitive containers.
Stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
AX1: profiled propeller with thin blades, homogenization, and other functions
Stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
AX2: profiled propeller with slim blades, ideal for dissolution
Stirrer propeller important shearing effect
AX3 profiled propeller for magnetic stirrer, high shear rate
Stirrer propeller mixtures of shear-sensitive products
Marine profiled propeller with moulded blades, for live products
Stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Profiled propeller AX4 for magnetic stirrer, for fibrous liquid