Turbines for MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers

Turbine stirrer with curved blades
3PC Turbine with curved blades for stirrer, high centrifugal effect
Turbine stirrer with blades inclined at 45 °
45° tilted blade impellers - radial centrifugal and axial vertical effect
Flat turbine stirrer with straight blades
Turbines TF2, TF3 flat with straight blades - mixing effect maintenance
Flat dispersing turbine stirrer with toothed disk
Dispersion in industrial stirrer : flat toothed disc turbine
Stirrer rushton disc turbine with vertical blades
Rushton turbine with vertical blades disk - centrifuge effect
Disgaz turbine stirrer with notched blades disk
Disgaz disk turbine with serrated blades - gas dispersion
Self-priming turbine stirrer with double discs and vertical plates
Self-priming turbine for a gas-in-liquid dispersion stirrer
Turbine stirrer stator rotor
Rotor/Strator impeller for magnetic stirrer emulsion type mixtures
Elephant ear turbine (extensive hydraulic bearing capacity)
Elephant-eared impeller for agitator - high hydraulic bearing capacity
The different types of Marllin's  turbines for magnetic stirrers cover the following applications, in the sectors of pharmaceuticals, food industry, cosmetics and perfumery, biotechnologies and fine chemicals in general:
Put into suspension, dilution, dissolution, dispersion (gas / liquid), disintegration, deflocculation, homogenization, emulsion, mixture of miscible liquids or not.

Each model has been developed with its own specificities depending on the applications for which it is intended:

- The large centrifugal effect of the curved blade turbine allows optimal performance with a bottom magnetic stirrer.

- Turbines with 45% inclined blades are hybrid modules that are located between the propeller and the conventional turbine. They make it possible to associate a centrifugal radial effect with a vertical axial effect.

- Installed near the bottom of the tank and always associated with a mobile pump, the flat turbines with straight blades can maintain the effect of mixing until the total emptying of the container, or ensure it during its filling.

- The design and the high peripheral speed of the flat turbine with toothed disk for dispersion generate a depression which centrifuges liquids and solids and then propels them through the teeth present at the periphery of the disk.

- The large centrifugal effect of Rushton turbines with vertical blades mainly allows a gas / liquid dispersion. This type of turbine also finds applications in processes such as stripping.

- The Disgaz disk turbine with serrated blades produces the same gas dispersion effects as the Rushton turbine, but with a power consumption reduced significantly, thus ensuring a lower energy expenditure for an equivalent result.

- Designed to disperse a gas in a liquid thanks to its tubular shaft equipped with openings which allows the suction in tank top, Marllin's self-priming turbine is particularly appreciated in the hydrogenation processes for its important centrifugal effect.

- The reduced clearance between the two components of Marllin's Rotor / Stator turbine allows it to develop a large torque that is ideally suited to emulsion or immiscible liquids mixing operations.

- Used for light mixtures of fragile products, turbines with elephant ears provides great hydraulic lift without necessarily achieving a significant blending effect.