The story of MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers

JB Tec was set up in May 1991 by Jacques BADEY, well known for his expertise in the field of agitation in France. To start off, he used the premises of a Lyons boilermaker to manufacture and assembly his stirrers and, in 1993, decided to build his first premises in the Lyons suburb of Montanay, in the Rhône region of France. This development was a decisive step forward towards an independent industrial company, recognised by the chemical and petrochemical sectors by its brand name AGITEC®.

The first magnetic drive stirrer prototype was developed and marketed in 1996. This step enabled the company to enter the highly protected human and veterinary pharmaceutical and biotechnology market.
Initially produced on an occasional basis, magnetic agitation soon represented a larger proportion of the company’s total sales figure.

Laurent MANGEOLLE, an Arts et Métiers engineer, purchased the company in 2003 together with Grégory BADEY, the founder’s son. This new team set out to consolidate and further establish the sound reputation of the now-worldwide group.
2010 was the year when JB Tec and
 AGITEC® became two separate entities: JB Tec is devoted to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets, etc., offering magnetic drive agitation equipment under its new brand name of MARLLIN®AGITEC® supplies the chemical, food, petrochemical and nuclear industries, etc., with mechanical transmission agitation equipment.

“Two brands, two companies, to take us even closer in touch with your tangible, everyday requirements”.

January 2014: JB Tec SAS was taken over by Grégory BADEY and Damien PAYART, CEO and Technical Manager, respectively. The aim of these two senior managers, already employees of the company from its outset, was to preserve the “
Made in France” aspect, valued by the company’s historic policy and, at the same time, combine quality strategy with competitiveness.