MARLLIN® designs, manufactures and installs magnetic stirrers

Thanks to its competency and expertise, MARLLIN® sets up and creates magnetic stirrers for its customers. They are tailor-made and designed to meet special requirements, which calls for knowledge and expertise. Every facet of the competency acquired by our team meets the demands of specialist customers.

Our stirrers perform the following functions:      
- Modification of the consistency of a thixotropic product (one whose viscosity changes when stirred),      
- The mixing and homogenisation of several products,      
- Holding of solids contained in liquids in suspension,      
- Optimisation of the yield from heat transfer in a mixture in a tank,      
- Dissolution of gas in a liquid,      
- The dispersion of powder in a liquid.

Our stirrers consist of:      
- A fully motorised drive head,      
- A control shaft equipped with a magnetic drive rotor,      
- A magnetic driven rotor equipped with one or multiple stirring devices,      
- A sealtight bell cover,      
- A guide shaft equipped with a static bearing.

Thanks to its combined expertise and qualification,
MARLLIN® is able to offer top-quality service. Its multi-faceted competency enables it to offer its customers the very best service.

Since it is vital to provide support for this approach, a team is always present to satisfy your requirements and needs:  
- Assistance with the preparation of specifications,      
- Hydraulic definitions and the choice of types of stirring devices to match your needs,      
- CFD modelling of hydraulic behaviour,      
- Mechanical calculations for the design of stirrers,    
- Design / manufacture of mixing equipment,      
- Setup, commissioning, training, maintenance, expertise, etc.