Anchors for MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers

Flat anchor for stirrer (heat transfer)
Flat anchor for magnetic stirrers - thermic exchange
Tilted flat anchor for stirrer (heat transfer)
Tilted flat anchor for magnetic stirrer - tangential and axial flow
Tubular anchor for high-viscosity products
Tubular anchor for magnetic stirrer - heat exchange
Helical anchor for heat transfer and homogenisation
Magnetic stirring helical anchor heat exchange homogenization
Scraper anchor for stirrer
Anchor with scrapers for a heat exchange magnetic stirrer
The 5 types of anchors for magnetic stirrers developed by Marllin are designed to ensure heat exchange and, in the case of the helical anchor, to allow the homogenization of high viscosity products.
They are tangential flow mobiles or combining tangential and axial flow.

Tangential flow anchors

- The flat anchor: for products of intermediate viscosity and simple behavior.

- The tubular anchor: with great cleanability by design, it is used for complex products of high viscosity.

- The anchor with scrapers: matching the shape of the tank, scrapers can recover high viscosity products that can stick or burn on the inner surface of the tank.

Tangential and axial flow anchors

- The tilted flat anchor: particularly suitable for products of intermediate viscosity but containing solid parts subject to sedimentation.

- In addition to heat exchange, the helical anchor combined with a flat ribbon allows the homogenization of products of high viscosity that are sensitive to shear.