The right stirring solution for every type of mixture
Marllin's high quality service accompanies you in your approach and the definition of your needs, right up to the choice of the types of equipment, type of agitator and types of propellers, turbines, or anchors best suited to the applications envisaged, as well as for their assembly, start-up and training in their use.

Glossary: the different types of mixing


Magnetic stirring for dilution The process by which the concentration level of a solid or liquid body is reduced by adding a solvent is called dilution. The compound to be diluted must be (...)


The dissolution process in magnetic stirring Dissolution consists of mixing a solute in a liquid to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The liquid, called solvent, has the capacity to (...)


Emulsion in magnetic stirring The emulsion of two immiscible liquids allows a stable mixture to be obtained by means of an industrial process with an intense movement capacity. The (...)

Gas absorption

Gas absorption Gas absorption is a process in which a gaseous mixture is brought into contact with a liquid in order to purify the gas. It is necessary for the compound to be slightly (...)

Gas/liquid dispersion

Gas / liquid dispersion Gas/liquid dispersion is achieved by adding gas in the form of micro-bubbles to a liquid. This gas/liquid mixture enables a chemical and/or thermal reaction to (...)

Heat transfer

Heat transfer in magnetic stirring Heat transfer involves the transfer of energy between two bodies, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. The warmer body transfers energy, i.e. heat, to (...)


Homogenization of liquids in magnetic stirring Homogenization is an operation of transformation of two liquid/liquid or liquid/solid phases into an emulsion that prevents the phases (...)

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Liquid / liquid dispersion The liquid/liquid dispersion is an operation of setting in motion in order to obtain a homogenization of different miscible liquids with different (...)

Maintenance in suspension

Using magnetic stirring to maintain in suspension Suspension maintenance maintains the homogeneous mixture of two bodies of different sizes and keeps them on the surface by a (...)

Mixing fibrous liquids/solids

Mixture of liquids and fibrous solids Industrial stirrers allow the mixing of liquids and fibrous solids. This complex mixture requires the introduction of liquids to homogenize the (...)

Mixing immiscible liquids

Mixing of immiscible liquids The mixing of two immiscible liquids is a process that does not allow the homogenization of a solution. We then speak of a heterogeneous solution.  We (...)

Mixing miscible liquids

Mixing of miscible liquids A mixture of two liquids is said to be miscible when the state of this mixture is perfectly homogeneous, as opposed to an emulsion which is produced by mixing two (...)

Solid/liquid dispersion

Solid / liquid dispersion Solid/liquid dispersion is a process for immersing solid particles in a liquid in a homogeneous manner. In principle, the liquid phase is aqueous or oily and the (...)


Spalling & magnetic stirring The action of disintegrating, i.e. decomposing a solid, is achieved by the force of the movement of a liquid produced by a magnetic stirrer equipped with (...)


Suspending bodies in magnetic stirring Suspension is a process corresponding to the mixing of a solid body in a liquid body of different sizes. The phases are lifted to be set in motion in a (...)

The different types of stirrers are adapted to your application.
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