Liquid / liquid dispersion

The liquid/liquid dispersion is an operation of setting in motion in order to obtain a homogenization of different miscible liquids with different viscosities. A material transfer can be achieved by stirring the liquids.

The MARLLIN rotor/stator tank bottom agitator produces fine emulsions for certain pharmaceutical processes due to its high shear effect.

This FCRS agitator associated, in the same enclosure, with magnetic stirrers type AGM-FC allows a double agitation which covers a wide range of mixing possibilities, from a simple homogeneous maintenance to complex emulsion in a carrier liquid.

The MARLLIN flat dispersion turbine is particularly suited to manufacturing problems by generating a centrifugal vacuum via its toothed disc. The liquids are sucked from the centre of the agitator and then propelled through its peripheral teeth.  

In what fields is liquid/liquid dispersion useful?

In the pharmaceutical field, this technique is commonly used for the manufacture of creams. The emulsification of a large quantity of liquids containing sufficiently small particles in suspension is carried out by a magnetic stirrer so that the mixture is homogeneous.

In the food industry, colloidal suspensions are used to produce blanks and jellies.

What is the homogenization of miscible liquids?

The principle of homogenization enables emulsions to be created by keeping particles in suspension. A mixture is homogeneous when its different constituents cannot be distinguished with the naked eye after stirring, regardless of its viscosity.

Homogenization depends on the reaction resulting from the movements of the magnetic stirrer which allows the dispersion of the liquids.


Equipments adapted for the application: Liquid/liquid dispersion :


Stirrer propeller important shearing effect
AX3 profiled propeller for magnetic stirrer, high shear rate


Flat dispersing turbine stirrer with toothed disk
Dispersion in industrial stirrer : flat toothed disc turbine
Stirrer rushton disc turbine with vertical blades
Rushton turbine with vertical blades disk - centrifuge effect