MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers: a guarantee of quality


At MARLLIN® quality is essential; the equipment we propose is manufactured in our workshops in France. Every single one of our parts is meticulously prepared with the greatest precision. The quality of MARLLIN® stirrers is the culmination of competency acquired over many years.

From design to delivery, our teams ensure traceability with the aid of software:

Static FAT (Factory Acknowledgment Tests): Full support and validation of the correct design of the stirrer before commissioning and shipment.

Dynamic FAT (Factory Acknowledgment Tests): Static FATs can be completed by a life-sized trial on one of our test tanks or even on our large 30 cu.m. tank.

- Installation and commissioning support service.

After-Sales: fast-response, qualified repair technicians to handle any preventive or curative maintenance issues.

2-year manufacturer warranty running from the date of shipment.