Magnetic stirrers for pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical sector is the business sector consisting of the research, production and marketing of medicines for human or animal consumption.

The common factor is the tremendous requirements in terms of safety, traceability and cleanability, governed by international standards, especially US standards  - FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and European standards - EMA (European Medicines Agency) for injections, vaccines, oral solutions and suppositories.

100% of the equipment designed, manufactured and installed by MARLLIN® for these applications are magnetic stirrers. By their design, these pieces of equipment meet the specific requirements of these industries on all counts: they can be cleaned and sterilised in place (CIP/SIP), have a total lack of retention and comply with current standards. MARLLIN® guarantees the overall leaktight seal and sterility of the process.
Homogenizer stirrer
Magnetic stirrer AGM-FC for tank bottom homogenization
Magnetic dispenser stirrer for perfumery
Disperser magnetic stirrer AGM-FCR for tank bottom
Magnetic stirrer for emulsion
Emulsifier magnetic stirrer AGM-FCRS for tank bottom
Fermenter magnetic stirrer AGM-FCF
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer biotechnology
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer AGM-T CERAM - from 1 liter to 500 liters
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer chemicals
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer AGM-T'CHIM - high security ATEX
Tubular anchor for high-viscosity products
Tubular anchor for magnetic stirrer - heat exchange
Helical anchor for heat transfer and homogenisation
Magnetic stirring helical anchor heat exchange homogenization
Scraper anchor for stirrer
Anchor with scrapers for a heat exchange magnetic stirrer
Turbine stirrer with curved blades
3PC Turbine with curved blades for stirrer, high centrifugal effect
Turbine stirrer with blades inclined at 45 °
45° tilted blade impellers - radial centrifugal and axial vertical effect
Flat turbine stirrer with straight blades
Turbines TF2, TF3 flat with straight blades - mixing effect maintenance
Flat dispersing turbine stirrer with toothed disk
Dispersion in industrial stirrer : flat toothed disc turbine
Stirrer rushton disc turbine with vertical blades
Rushton turbine with vertical blades disk - centrifuge effect
Disgaz turbine stirrer with notched blades disk
Disgaz disk turbine with serrated blades - gas dispersion
Turbine stirrer stator rotor
Rotor/Strator impeller for magnetic stirrer emulsion type mixtures
Elephant ear turbine (extensive hydraulic bearing capacity)
Elephant-eared impeller for agitator - high hydraulic bearing capacity
Stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
AX1: profiled propeller with thin blades, homogenization, and other functions
Stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
AX2: profiled propeller with slim blades, ideal for dissolution
Stirrer propeller mixtures of shear-sensitive products
Marine profiled propeller with moulded blades, for live products
Stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Profiled propeller AX4 for magnetic stirrer, for fibrous liquid