Magnetic vessel roof stirrer type AGM-T'CHIM

This type of equipment is an alternative to classic mechanical stirrers with impermeable mechanical seals for hostile environments (heavy corrosion, major risk of explosion, ATEX environments ).

In applications calling for a high safety/security level.  AGM-T'CHIM technology can be broken down as per the following principles: 
- Magnetic drive + ceramic bearing (dry operation)
- Magnetic drive + stainless steel bearing + mechanical seal on the process side (hybrid solution for highly restrictive applications).

They are used in sectors such as the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. 

Their advantage is that they can operate at very high pressure and temperature, as well as with large volumes: from 100 litres to over 20cu.m.. 
They are eminently suitable for use in gaseous dispersion processes such as hydrogenation. 

They are made with components standardised by JB Tec/
MARLLIN® but are still bespoke stirrers (shaft length, number and type of stirring devices, speed, operation, etc.). 


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Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension



Solid/liquid dispersion

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Gas/liquid dispersion



Gas absorption