Using magnetic stirring to maintain in suspension

Suspension maintenance maintains the homogeneous mixture of two bodies of different sizes and keeps them on the surface by a centrifugal effect. The force of the liquid sets the single liquid in motion.

This process keeps the solids on the surface of the liquid phase homogeneous and provides a clear tank bottom until it is drained.

The mechanical power keeps a body in suspension

The 3PC turbine with curved blades, mainly installed at the bottom of the tank, can be used for its high centrifugal speed. This speed allows a hydraulic result tending to avoid any risk of settling of solid phases at the bottom of the tank whatever the duration of the process.

All types of MARLLIN turbines mounted at the end of the shaft, at the bottom of the tank, have the capacity to homogenize the material until the container is completely emptied.

The turbines of the TA4, TA3, TA2 range with blades inclined at 45° have the particularity of obtaining a radial centrifugal effect combined with a vertical axial effect. They are therefore used for starting up mixtures in decanter.

The AX1 has been designed for suspension at low speed due to its low shear rate.

The AGM-FC type magnetic bottom stirrer is suitable for suspension operations in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and perfumery industries.

In the food industry, the manufacture of high-quality soups requires the materials to be kept in suspension so that the water does not settle.


Equipments adapted for the application: Maintenance in suspension :


Stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
AX1: profiled propeller with thin blades, homogenization, and other functions
Stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
AX2: profiled propeller with slim blades, ideal for dissolution
Stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Profiled propeller AX4 for magnetic stirrer, for fibrous liquid
Stirrer propeller mixtures of shear-sensitive products
Marine profiled propeller with moulded blades, for live products


Turbine stirrer with curved blades
3PC Turbine with curved blades for stirrer, high centrifugal effect
Flat turbine stirrer with straight blades
Turbines TF2, TF3 flat with straight blades - mixing effect maintenance


Tilted flat anchor for stirrer (heat transfer)
Tilted flat anchor for magnetic stirrer - tangential and axial flow