Computational Fluid Dynamics specific softwares allow us to study complex fluid flows.

One of the main advantages of those studies is to compute a mixing effect before starting the manufacturing of a new unit : 
"the investment is minor and allows process optimization before realizing it".

Running a CFD simulation considering geometrical or numerical parameters (diameter, type, position of impelers, tank dimensions, working volume... or rotating speed, temperature, flowrate, pressure...) independently aims at optimizing agitation systems.

CFD studies can be conducted either on AGITEC® agitators or on existing mixed tanks from our customers's sites to compare mixing efficiencies. There are several possible applications, we can analyze the following results (non-exhaustive list) :

- Visualization of flows in the tank
- Shear rates calculation (minimum, mean, maximum values)                
- Visualization of free surface (potential formation of a vortex)
- Pressure fluctuations obervation, mean pressure calculation on any surface, volume 
- Heat transfer calculations, temperature fluctuations observation on the mixed tank
- Mixing time
- Homogenization rate
- Agitator absorbed power
- Particle trajectory observation on the tank