The dissolution process in magnetic stirring

Dissolution consists of mixing a solute in a liquid to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The liquid, called solvent, has the capacity to dissolve the other substances contained in the tank by means of a stirring system. The mixture obtained is called the solution.

The difference between dissolution and dilution is that when a solute is mixed with a liquid, it disappears completely, this is dissolution; whereas dilution induces a change in the concentration of a solid or liquid body by adding a solvent.

The dissolving process used with MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers is called dissolution

The AGM-FCRS type rotor/stator tank bottom foaming magnetic agitator and the AGM-FCR type tank bottom dispersing magnetic agitator allow the solute to be completely dissolved.

A homogenous solution is obtained by using these industrial equipment by creating a complete phase mixture, a particle dispersion or an emulsion. They can be equipped with a TA2 turbine which, thanks to its blowing flow, allows a perfect dissolution. The Ax3 propeller, which has a high shear rate, is also suitable for dissolutions.

These industrial tools are commonly used in many fields of application

In view of the increasing needs of the pharmaceutical, food-processing, cosmetics and perfumery industries, MARLLIN designs high-performance systems and equipment (stirrer, mixer, disperser) that are constantly evolving to meet the specific requirements of each field of application.

The interest of dissolution in pharmaceutical operations is to make available to the organism, in the shortest possible time, the active ingredients of products and medicines.

In the food industry, the dissolution of salt or sugar in finished products is carried out according to consumer tastes and requires perfect homogenization.

In perfumery, the dissolution of the perfume of a plant in a solvent (which is then evaporated) is a widely used process. This system is the guarantee of noble and rich products and is therefore sought-after.

Equipments adapted for the application: Dissolution :


Stirrer propeller important shearing effect
AX3 profiled propeller for magnetic stirrer, high shear rate
Stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
AX2: profiled propeller with slim blades, ideal for dissolution
Stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Profiled propeller AX4 for magnetic stirrer, for fibrous liquid


Turbine stirrer with blades inclined at 45 °
45° tilted blade impellers - radial centrifugal and axial vertical effect
Flat dispersing turbine stirrer with toothed disk
Dispersion in industrial stirrer : flat toothed disc turbine