Gas absorption

Gas absorption is a process in which a gaseous mixture is brought into contact with a liquid in order to purify the gas.

It is necessary for the compound to be slightly concentrated so that the product in the gaseous state is dissolved in a liquid.

A magnetic stirrer, equipped with a turbine or propeller, allows the phase change from the gaseous state to the liquid state.

How to obtain gas absorption?

A gas is absorbed by a process that breaks down into three stages. Firstly, the magnetic stirrer diffuses the compound within the gas phase towards the surface of the liquid and then the movement produces condensation and dissolution in the liquid phase. Finally, the compound is diffused into the liquid phase.

The turbulence of the liquid or gas or the dispersion of the liquid within the gas promotes the rate of absorption during the process of mass transfer of the compound from the gas phase to the liquid phase. The temperature should also be kept as low as possible to avoid heat of dissolution.

These two concepts of absorption rate and temperature maintenance are essential to obtain the most perfect gas purification, hence the importance of choosing the right magnetic agitator and turbine or propeller according to its purpose.

How does the gas absorption rate meet specific requirements?

For the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the stirring speed must be very precise in order to purify a gas in an optimal way and create a phase change that allows perfect absorption.

The fine chemicals sector responds to the concerns linked to the safety of people and the environment by intervening in the most innovative and highly technical fields. The recovery of materials with high added value is made possible through an elaborate gas absorption process.


Equipments adapted for the application: Gas absorption :


Disgaz turbine stirrer with notched blades disk
Disgaz disk turbine with serrated blades - gas dispersion
Stirrer rushton disc turbine with vertical blades
Rushton turbine with vertical blades disk - centrifuge effect
Self-priming turbine stirrer with double discs and vertical plates
Self-priming turbine for a gas-in-liquid dispersion stirrer