Gas / liquid dispersion

Gas/liquid dispersion is achieved by adding gas in the form of micro-bubbles to a liquid. This gas/liquid mixture enables a chemical and/or thermal reaction to take place.

The absorption or desorption process corresponds to material transfer operations between gaseous and liquid phases of different chemical natures.  In the case of an absorption process, several components of the gaseous phase integrate the solution in order, for example, to dissociate certain particles present in a gaseous mixture.

The desorption operation is the opposite and is often called "stripping".

In the MARLLIN range of turbines, the Rushton vertical blade disc turbine, due to its strong centrifugal movement, favours gas/liquid exchange for processes requiring aerobic fermentation.

The MARLLIN self-priming turbine is designed to disperse a gas in a liquid. Its tubular shaft is equipped with openings at the top to allow the gas to be sucked out of the tank.

What types of dispersions are frequently used?

There are several types of gas/liquid or liquid/gas dispersions (the first being the dispersing phase and the second the dispersed phase). Emulsions, aerosols and foams are dispersion techniques.  

As aerosols are in gaseous form (gaseous phase dispersed in a liquid), a special container must be provided to withstand the pressure of the gas. Aerosols are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

Foams, on the other hand, use a technique of gas dispersion in a liquid suspension.  The distribution of the propellant gas usually corresponds to 20% of the mixture in relation to the liquid body of the emulsion. Many types of fire extinguishers use this process.


Equipments adapted for the application: Gas/liquid dispersion :


Stirrer rushton disc turbine with vertical blades
Rushton turbine with vertical blades disk - centrifuge effect
Disgaz turbine stirrer with notched blades disk
Disgaz disk turbine with serrated blades - gas dispersion
Self-priming turbine stirrer with double discs and vertical plates
Self-priming turbine for a gas-in-liquid dispersion stirrer
Flat dispersing turbine stirrer with toothed disk
Dispersion in industrial stirrer : flat toothed disc turbine