Mixing of immiscible liquids

The mixing of two immiscible liquids is a process that does not allow the homogenization of a solution. We then speak of a heterogeneous solution.  We can observe multiple phases and the suspension of the liquid of lower density. The best known example is the mixing of water and oil.

Magnetic stirring techniques allow the particles of the liquid to be dispersed, making the phase obtained as homogeneous as possible by mass transfer.

Which installation allows the mixing of immiscible liquids?

Industrial stirring is a technique commonly used to mix immiscible liquids.  An AGM-FC tank bottom homogenizing magnetic stirrer is suitable for "simple" mixtures.

Coupled with other AGM-FCR and FRCRS type agitators, it becomes a high-performance system for complex mixing processes requiring the dispersion of molecules with widely differing viscosities.

The AX1 is designed for homogenization and suspension at low speed of immiscible liquids with a similar viscosity. A risk of gas introduction during the mixing operation is possible with the use of this propeller.

The profiled marine propeller with moulded blades offers a specific design for live products. The marine propeller has been designed for a delicate shear and adapted to containers that can be very sensitive, therefore adapted to the particular constraints of the biotechnology field.

What is the usefulness of a mixture of non-miscible liquids in the cosmetics industry?

The cosmetics sector includes a wide range of products requiring the mixing of immiscible liquids, of which the following are a few examples:

Emulsions are the basis for skin care creams, fluid creams and sunscreen products. Regenerating serums are micro emulsions (microscopic dispersed phase).

Deodorants and lacquers are non-miscible mixtures (dispersion of a liquid in a gas), while fluid foundations and nail polishes are a dispersion of fine solid particles (powders) in a liquid.

Finally, balms are a mixture of fats with a low water content.


Equipments adapted for the application: Mixing immiscible liquids :


Turbine stirrer with blades inclined at 45 °
45° tilted blade impellers - radial centrifugal and axial vertical effect
Turbine stirrer stator rotor
Rotor/Strator impeller for magnetic stirrer emulsion type mixtures
Flat dispersing turbine stirrer with toothed disk
Dispersion in industrial stirrer : flat toothed disc turbine