Rotor / Strator turbine for MARLLIN® magnetic stirrers


The rotor/stator stirring device consists of a turbine with 4 straight blades (the rotor) and a cylinder with vertical openings (stator).
Due to the small air gap (reduced clearance between the rotor and stator), this combination is mainly used for emulsion type mixing.  


Design of the rotor/stator turbine

Definition basis:
  • Rotor: TF type turbine
  • Stator: Cylinder with vertical openings
Number of blades: 4
Rotation direction: Clockwise or anticlockwise


Flow of rotor/stator stirring devices - use

Horizontal, radial, centrifugal flow. 
Vortex creation by depression.
The stirrer equipped with a Rotor/Stator turbine can be mounted centred with counter-blades or offset without counter-blades. 
Very extensive shear effect at max. speed (high peripheral speed)

Emulsion, mixing of non-miscible liquids


Product used in the following markets:

Product suitable for the following applications:

Mixing immiscible liquids



Solid/liquid dispersion

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Gas/liquid dispersion