Emulsion in magnetic stirring

The emulsion of two immiscible liquids allows a stable mixture to be obtained by means of an industrial process with an intense movement capacity. The stronger the agitation of a liquid phase, the more it is dispersed in the form of droplets.

The transformation of a mixture into an emulsion requires agitation in order to reduce the size of the drops and achieve the desired balance. Viscosity agents and surfactants can be used as stabilisers. The duration of the process influences its granulometry and acts on the dispersion of the phases.

In cosmetics, water or a water-soluble substance is the component of the first liquid while the second contains fatty substances. The emulsion technique is necessary in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture on the surface.

In the food industry, the stability of the emulsion must be optimal. The addition of an emulsifier may be necessary. The property of the emulsifier consists in its capacity to become the interface between the two immiscible liquids. The emulsion thus becomes stable and homogeneous.

Which of the MARLLIN range of stirrers and turbines is suitable to obtain an emulsion?

The AGF-FCRS rotor/stator bottom emulsifying magnetic agitator has been designed to meet the needs of fine emulsions for certain pharmaceutical processes. Associated, in the same enclosure, with magnetic stirrers of the AGM-FC type, it allows a complex emulsion to be obtained in a carrier liquid.

The rotor/stator turbine for magnetic stirrer, thanks to its very high shear principle at maximum speed, is a machine suitable for the production of emulsions.

What products are known in everyday life as emulsions?

Today's high-performance technologies enable the production of high-quality emulsions in the food industry for products such as butter, salad dressing and mayonnaise.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries use this process for the manufacture of moisturising creams and body balms or milks.


Equipments adapted for the application: Emulsion :


Turbine stirrer stator rotor
Rotor/Strator impeller for magnetic stirrer emulsion type mixtures