Emulsifier magnetic stirrer

Magnetic rotor/stator type vessel bottom stirrer AGM-FCRS
This range of equipment has been designed to meet the requirements of fine emulsions for pharmaceutical processes where an AGM-FCR does not allow the required shear capability to be obtained. 

The AGM-FCRS can be installed alone, in special vessels dedicated to a particular process but, on the whole, they are combined within the same enclosure with AGM-FC type magnetic stirrers.

This dual stirring allows a broader spectrum of mixing possibilities to be covered, from simple homogeneous maintenance to complex emulsion in a support liquid. 
This type of equipment is also used to obtain the dispersion of ultrafine powders. 

Guidance, at the core of the mixing process, is handled by smooth bearings that cannot operate in a draining situation (

This range complies with all current pharmaceutical standards. 

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