Magnetic vessel roof stirrer type AGM-T CERAM 

These magnetic vessel roof stirrers have been specifically developed for volumes ranging from 1 liter to over 500 liters.

This technology frees up the bottoms of vessels that need to have their entire surfaces insulated or equipped with a double jacket or sharply tilted to allow for better drainage.
This equipment can be equipped with several types of stirring devices (ranging from a propeller to turbines). Each stirrer can be equipped with several stirring devices.

Guidance, located in the vessel roof, consists of two  
AGI-Zir ceramic bearings, integrated into the  guidance unit which is totally open, allowing cleaning liquids (CIP) to reach all the components of the guidance unit and ensure perfect asepsis of the entire stirrer. This technology is suitable for containers that can be sterilised and cleaned in place. 

These stirrers have also been developed to replace classic existing pharmaceutical stirrers with magnetic drive stirrers, much more suitable in terms of present-day cleanability and sterility requirements.  

This range complies with all current pharmaceutical standards. 


Product used in the following markets:

Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Mixing fibrous liquids/solids

Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension



Solid/liquid dispersion

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Gas/liquid dispersion