Magnetic vessel roof stirrer type AGM-TC

These magnetic vessel roof stirrers have been specifically developed for volumes ranging from 50 litres to over 5 cu.m..
This technology frees up the bottoms of vessels that need to have their entire surfaces insulated or equipped with a double jacket or sharply tilted to allow for better drainage.
This equipment can be equipped with several types of stirring devices (ranging from a propeller to anchors). Each stirrer can be fitted with one stirring device only.

Guidance, at the core of the mixing process, is handled by smooth bearings that can operate dry, depending on the option selected (
AGI-Carb/AGI-Carb standard or AGI-Carb/AGI-Zir for dry operation).

These stirrers have also been developed to replace classic existing pharmaceutical stirrers with magnetic drive stirrers, much more suitable in terms of present-day cleanability and sterility requirements. 

This range complies with all current pharmaceutical standards.

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