Fermenter magnetic stirrer

Magnetic vessel bottom stirrer type AGM-FCF  
These magnetic drive stirrers feature a stirring shaft that projects outwards: guidance therefore only takes place at the bottom of the vessel.
This technology means that the equipment can operate at variable liquid levels without risking a lack of lubrication of the guide bearings. 

Guidance, at the core of the mixing process, is handled by smooth bearings that can operate dry, depending on the option selected (
AGI-Carb/AGI-Carb standard or AGI-Carb/AGI-Zir for dry operation).

They can be equipped with three Rushton turbines for a classic configuration. Other more recent design stirring devices are available. They reinforce gas shearing and generate greater pumping to create a vortex. 

This range complies with all current pharmaceutical standards. 

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