3PC turbine with curved blades for MARLLIN® stirrers


The curved blade turbine is mainly installed at the bottom of a vessel to use its extensive centrifugal force. This hydraulic result enables any risk of the decantation of solid products in the bottom of the vessel to be avoided, amongst other things.
As for any turbine mounted at the end of a shaft and in the bottom of a vessel, this turbine enables a mixing effect to be maintained until the container is fully empty. 
It can also be found in special applications with reinforced blades in stripping type processes.


Design of the 3PC, 6PC turbine

Definition basis: Flat turbine with curved blades   
Number of blades: 3 or 6 
Rotation direction: Clockwise


Flow of curved blade stirring devices - use

Horizontal, radial, centrifugal flow. 
Vortex creation by depression.
A stirrer equipped with a curved blade turbine can be mounted centred with counter-blades or offset without counter-blades. 
Medium shear effect at max. speed (medium peripheral speed)

Creation and holding of suspension, dilution. 


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Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Maintenance in suspension