TF2, TF3 flat turbine with straight blades

TF2, TF3

The TF turbine is systematically installed near the bottom of a vessel.
This turbine enables a mixing effect to be maintained until the container is fully empty or during the filling operation.
It is necessarily combined with a pumping stirring device.


Design of the tf turbine

Definition basis: Flat turbine with straight blades
Number of blades: 2 or 3
Rotation direction: Clockwise or anticlockwise


Flow of straight blade stirring devices - USE

Horizontal, radial, centrifugal flow.
Vortex creation by depression.
A stirrer equipped with a curved blade turbine can be mounted centred with counter-blades or offset without counter-blades.
Medium shear effect at max. speed (medium peripheral speed)

Holding in suspension, mixing dynamic during emptying or filling of the container.

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