Vessel roof stirrers by MARLLIN®

Magnetic drive stirring has become an essential technological element in high-risk manufacturing and/or where high degrees of sterility are required. This is why JB Tec / MARLLIN® has been working for over 20 years on upgrading this top of the range equipment to meet the requirements of their users.

Our Engineering Dept. engineers have been constantly working along these lines on upgrades to this technology.
AGM “Vessel Bottom” range has now been completed with other types of magnetic drive stirrers installed on vessel roofs, in line with cGMP standards.

Magnetic vessel roof stirrer
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer AGM-TC'LAB - from 1 liter to 5 m3
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer pharmaceuticals
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer AGM-TC - from 50 liters to 5 m3
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer biotechnology
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer AGM-T CERAM - from 1 liter to 500 liters
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer chemicals
Magnetic vessel roof stirrer AGM-T'CHIM - high security ATEX
AGITEC offers vessel roof and magnetic bottom stirrers
Mechanical tank top stirrers AGITEC® designer and builder
The range of Marllin vessel roof stirrers has been developed to meet the specific requirements of sterility and cleanability in the pharmaceutical sector and by extension for all fine chemicals, covering all needs in these areas for volumes ranging from 1 liter to more than 20 m3.

The AGM-TC'LAB series (from 1 liter to more than 5 m3), AGM-TC (from 50 liters to more than 5 m3) and AGM-T CERAM (from 1 to 500 liters) are equipped with a technology allowing to free the bottoms of vats which require to be equipped with a thermal insulation or a double envelope on all their surfaces, or which are strongly inclined to ensure a better evacuation.
All these magnetic stirrers can be equipped with one or more types of mobile, from the propeller to the anchor.

The AGM-T'CHIM series is particularly intended for applications requiring a high degree of safety or for use in hostile environments (high corrosion, ATEX environments, significant explosion risks, etc.), particularly in the chemical sector.
Magnetic stirrers of this type have the advantage of operating at very high pressures and temperatures, on large volumes (from 100 liters to more than 20 m3).